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Team Profile


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Alexa Danciuc

Site Supervisor

About Alexa

Alexa brings over 20 years of international construction experience and is now the on-site supervisor of PCM projects. Alex’s experience ranges from installing flooring, framing, drywall, etc. which give credibility when dealing with the PCM team - as well as clients - on the jobsite. Alexa is proficient in many languages including Portuguese, Polish and Ukrainian.



Alexa is a self-starter and enjoys dealing with the dynamics found on the jobsite. He is a proven multi-tasker and his professionalism allows him to juggle many issues without getting flustered. Because of his training, he can offer solutions and creative ideas to ensure that PCM projects stay on-budget and on-track. In addition to his site supervisor role, Alex is also an experienced tiling and hardwood flooring specialist and provides these services to PCM projects.


Site Supervision - The PCM Way

PCM’s site supervisor is the linchpin that holds the project together! Tasks include monitoring all on-site activities on PCM building sites from start to commissioning – all while ensuring that everything is done safely , to PCM specification, to provincial standards and to the project plan. As the single point of contact, the site supervisor interacts daily with contractors, suppliers, inspectors and clients in a professional manner.


The site supervisor is responsible for safety on the job site – both for the trades and any visitors to the jobsite. For example, clients are welcome on the jobsite but must be accompanied at all times and wear the appropriate safety equipment. Health and Safety training is required for any new suppliers to the jobsite.


Daily reporting and inspections are required, including arranging for any municipal inspections in advance. This avoids any delays in the construction process.  The site supervisor is also responsible for receiving goods to the jobsite and forwarding any supplier invoices and associated paperwork to PCM for timely payment.

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