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Our Creed


We Are...

A Premium Luxury Home Builder that has a strong focus on Service and Quality;


A team of dedicated Professionals that consistently deliver luxury homes to affluent clients that demand the highest level of quality, workmanship, timing and on-budget completion;


In the business of making profits as a result of creating value to our clients that is unparalleled in quality, uniqueness, attention to detail and with NO SURPRISES;


Able to attain a Win/Win to both our company and our clients by structuring the project into three distinct phases where the cost of two of the phases are totally fixed and of no consequence to our clients in the event of cost over runs (the Superstructure and Project Management) and where the finish phase is completely transparent and at 100% wholesale cost to our client;


Very structured and organized in our approach to custom home construction and follow generally accepted processes and procedures often found only in other industries such as design to order manufacturing. Our starting point is always a holistic, realistic and transparent budget that is understood by the client and PCM, without this key ingredient we will refuse to engage in any relationship;


Always in the pursuit of continuous improvement and for this reason surround ourselves with the best-in-class suppliers and associates;


Completely focused on new luxury construction and will not engage in projects that do not fall within our very focused market segment;


Unlike anyone else to date, due to our unique approach we are able and proud to give a full five year WARRANTY on all of our new homes that follow our typical process;


Committed to the attainment of achieving superior results for our clients, shareholders and stakeholders and will strive to give to a charity of our choice a portion of our profits as and when we see fit. 

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