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Augusto Loureiro

Painting and Drywall: Owner of Northview Painting + Drywall

About Augusto

Augusto has years of experience in the painting and drywall business but for the last 15 years, he’s been running his own company, Northview Painting and Drywall.  One of his most loyal  customers for those last 15 years has been PCMNow. He is proud to say he has worked on every PCM-built home but one! That is a testament to Augusto and his team’s attention to the smallest detail that deliver the type of high-quality home that PCM is recognized for.  



Everyone THINKS they can paint and drywall but to obtain the high quality finishes that is demanded on a PCM-built home takes a master – and Augusto delivers this. Augusto treats every job like it is his own, leaving the jobsite clean and ready every day, coordinating with the other trades to meet the posted timelines and anticipating issues before they arise. A seasoned professional, Augusto takes pride in his team’s workmanship. And because Augusto does both the drywall AND painting at a PCM-built home, there is no finger pointing between the two trades that sometimes occurs with other builders.


Painting and Drywall - The PCM Way

In a  large PCM-built luxury home, there is a LOT of drywall which needs to be property installed and finishes if the final look is to be obtained. To minimize any drywall movement, only resilient channels at trusses and top floor are used. During installation, heavy duty dehumidifiers are used throughout the interior space to speed up drying.


During the design stage, the client will have picked out all the colours, finishes and drywall details so once Augusto and his crew arrive, they are ready to start work using high-quality primers, stains and finish coats. Work is sequenced on the jobsite to avoid interacting with other trades and to optimize time on the jobsite. To minimize any potential issues, the team regularly uses LED lights to clearly identify any deficiencies before applying finish coats. Then once everything is painted, another round of quality checks are done to ensure complete paint coverage and finish.

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