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Air Duct
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Darek Krowiak

HVAC Installer: Owner of Darek Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

About Darek Krowiak

Darek has been in the plumbing, heating & cooling industry for over 25 years. Darek installs latest technology HVAC systems to maximize the comfort and living experience in every home. He prides himself on timely execution and sensitivity to cost containment.



Darek services include radiant flooring, air conditioning, heat pumps, solar systems, gas fireplaces, climate control systems for wine cellars and much more.


Heating & Cooling - The PCM Way

At PCM, the HVAC installer works closely with other trades, reviewing drawing with the other trades early in the design stage to ensure easy placement of the ductwork. Attention to detail is critical. For example, some projects will use acoustic lining on initial runs of air ducts and use spring loaded anti-vibration hangers for any hung equipment.


Specifying and installing energy efficient radiant heating and cooling systems can help tremendously in slashing energy bills and improving occupant thermal comfort – for years to come.

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