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Team Profile


Exterior Design
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Gerardo Castillo

President, Keystone Home Designs

About Geraldo

Gerardo’s translates what the client wants into timeless, unique, attractive interior and exterior spaces. With over 20 years of architectural experience, Gerardo set up Keystone Home Designs in 2003 as a full service home design shop: project management, working drawings for permit and tender and support for any required hearings. Because Gerardo understands construction technology and building science, his designs are easily buildable to the highest standard.



Gerardo’s specialty is simple: he patiently listens to the client and other designers and then captures the interior and exterior design so that it can be built. Several iterations later using all the latest architectural software tools, the client can ‘see’ their dream home before it is built with colour and 3D
renderings. This approach minimizes costly in-field changes and gives Keystone Home Designs the high customer satisfaction rating they are known for. The final build form captures the design and creativity that Gerardo is known for.

Architectural Design - The PCM Way

Proved Optimum Design has a similar approach to construction at we do at PCM: active involvement from early in the design stage to the built form. By working hand-in-hand with the architects and landscape designers, the structural components can be seamlessly integrated early on in the design and any issues can be proactively identified. Once in the field, Moin and his team will also conduct field inspections and work with the shoring and foundation professionals.


Moin and his team design to PCM’s high standards. For example, all PCM-built homes use only the highest quality materials and are designed to commercial-grade standards that exceed residential building codes.

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