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How This Home Helped Create $790,000 of Savings For Cancer Research

When constructing a home like this one - a beautiful home for a beautiful cause - so much goes on behind the scenes. In this particular case there were late nights, number crunching and traveling internationally to meet with suppliers with a goal to save as much money as possible on the build. The more we were able to save, the more that could go into cancer research.This has been a passion for PCM for many years and it will only continue.

This 2023 Princess Margaret Show Home in Oakville is a unique story. What happened behind the scenes helped to reduce construction costs (in a tough market) by $790,000. Without compromising on the high standards that PCM is known for, how did we do it?

We found high quality, affordable, eco-friendly products in the European country of Georgia. Through a partnership with Foxy Home, PCM was able to supply exterior brick and stone, cabinetry and hardwood flooring that added tremendous value to this 8.3 million dollar dream home.

PCM would like to thank FOXYHOME.COM for helping save $790,000 by supplying the following products

Exterior Windows

Exterior Bricks

Exterior Hardware

Hardwood Flooring Throughout

Cabinetry - Mudroom, Front Foyer, Powder Room, Kitchen, Family Room, Study, Upper Stair Hall, Primary Bedroom, Primary Ensuite, Primary Walk-in Closet, Shared Ensuite, Bedroom 3, Bedroom 3 Ensuite, Lounge, Guest Bedroom, Guest Ensuite, Laundry Room

Flooring - Study, Primary Bedroom, Primary Walk-in Closet, Bedroom 1, Shared Ensuite, Bedroom 2, Bedroom 3, Lower Level Stair Hall, Guest Bedroom

Laundry Cabinetry - Uper Stair Hall

The End Result:


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