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Exterior Finishing

About Roman

Roman has decades of experience in exterior finishes - stucco and masonry - with 18 of those years working on PCM projects alone.  



Roman’s speciality is his strong eye for detail and attention to customer service. He works closely with the client and architect to prepare samples for review to ensure that the client will be completely satisfied with the finished exterior look.

Window & Door Consulting - The PCM Way

At PCM, the building exterior is more than just a ‘pretty’ shell. Like a custom-made suit, the exterior must be constructed with the best materials and to high-quality standards so that it will outperform for years to come.

To ensure customer satisfaction, based on initial discussions, our exterior finish supplier will often build up to 3 sample walls with the proposed finish, shingles, trim and downspouts to review with the client. In some cases, a customized colour match is required. A similar approach is also done for any exterior details, such as mouldings around windows and doorways.


To ensure a clean worksite, polyethylene sheets are typically temporarily installed over all windows and doors to avoid splatter. It is these little details that differentiate a PCM worksite!

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