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Alex Kelati

Electrical Services: Owner of AK Electric

About Alex

Alex has been in the electrical business for over 7 years bringing innovation and efficiency to every PCM Home.



Some of Alex’s electrical specialties include surround sound systems, CAT5 cabling, home automation, home theatre, camera monitoring, alarm, heated flooring and outdoor lighting.


Electrical Installation - The PCM Way

At PCM, the electrical provider uses only top quality materials and workmanship to complete all contracted work. Care is taken in even the smallest things like the location of all wall switches and plugs for convenience and safety. Consideration is given to the location of furniture and fixtures to locate floor plugs. 
The PCM way is distinctive, even when dealing with commonplace elements like putting in the electrical components of a home. A mandatory design-review meeting, held for everyone at the beginning of the project, ensures that everyone is one the same page. This translates into a seamless integration from one step to the next and the stress levels are negligible among workers. The result is high-quality workmanship by all the trades.

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