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Team Profile


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Carlos Jardino

President of Inc.

About Carlos

Carlos Jardino, president of Inc. (Project Construction and Management Inc., a.k.a. PCM) may make project management, construction and property management look simple but that is only because he brings years of experience and discipline to each and every project he touches.  Trained as an engineer with global experience as a trouble-shooter for a large multinational company, Carlos started PCM and  leveraged his skills to build high-end luxury homes and complete them efficiently in under 6 months with a much higher level of quality and service which includes a full 5 year unlimited warranty, something totally unheard of in the industry – all of which his competitors can’t match!



Carlos brings a myriad of experience and skills to anything he does, including project planning, financial acumen, continuous improvement and a commitment to deliver the best. Carlos also has a strong commitment to his community; he has been active with the Princess Margaret Foundation for over 11 years, as well as Bethany Kids and other local charities. 


Construction Management & Builder - The PCM Way

Cornerstones on every PCM project are planning and budgeting, process and coordination.  At PCM, we  consistently deliver a high quality project regardless of the type of building being constructed. Leveraging the vast experience in the luxury home building market, we apply the same attention and talents to any project: big or small or simple or complex especially in the multi-residential segment.  With a team of hand-picked and dedicated professionals, PCM consistently delivers on high quality workmanship while meeting the project plan timeline within the established budget. Structured and well organized, the PCM Way uses processes and procedures that have been transferred from other industries, such as design-to-order manufacturing.  

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