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Team Profile


Modern Office
Dan Pušica

HVAC Designer: Partner at YMSD Consulting

About Dan

Dan Pušica is principal and co-founder of YMSD Consulting with 25 years of experience in HVAC design. In preparing bids, selecting optimal materials and equipment, Dan designs drawings to accurate specifications.



Dan brings the ability to find innovative solutions to HVAC design, coupled with excellent project management skills.  Trained as a mechanical engineer, Dan is a member of Professional Engineers Ontario, as well as ASHRAE USA.


HVAC Design - The PCM Way

At PCM, HVAC design is more than finding ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. It involves finding the most optimal solution that balances environmental concerns with efficient long-term performance that requires minimal maintenance and operating costs.  Where others see a problem and expense, PCM sees an opportunity to find an innovative solution. For example, at 1809 Lawrence Ave W, Toronto multi-unit, using on-demand boilers significantly reduced operating costs without compromising the amount of hot water available to the tenants.  

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