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Team Profile


Engineering Plans
Moin Roohparvar

President, Proved Optimum Design Ltd.

About Moin

A professional engineer with over 35 years of experience, Moin’s focus is on structural engineering and
building envelope design. His knowledge of structural physics and material science come together in his
company’s innovative, energy-efficient curtain wall and building envelope designs across the country.



Moin’s speciality is finding the optimum comprehensive solution for any PCM-build home by minimizing
the amount of material and labour to deliver an economical, structurally-sound design. Moin and his
experienced team of engineers leverage the latest software to create easy-to-construct designs that
meet or exceed all code requirements. By working with the various building departments, Moin can help
obtain the required building permits as fast as possible and work to get the project shovel-ready.

Structural Design - The PCM Way

Proved Optimum Design has a similar approach to construction at we do at PCM: active involvement from early in the design stage to the built form. By working hand-in-hand with the architects and landscape designers, the structural components can be seamlessly integrated early on in the design and any issues can be proactively identified. Once in the field, Moin and his team will also conduct field inspections and work with the shoring and foundation professionals.


Moin and his team design to PCM’s high standards. For example, all PCM-built homes use only the highest quality materials and are designed to commercial-grade standards that exceed residential building codes.

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