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Wood Work
paul oliveria.png
Paul Oliveria

Trim Carpentry: Owner of European Custom Trim

About Paul

Paul has been in business for 15 years in the Greater Toronto Area and has worked for PCM from the start. He is known for being precise, exacting and for taking extreme pride in his work.



Paul specializes in installing finish woodwork in the home –finish cabinetry, doors, trim, panelling, crown moldings and more. Paul  likes a challenge and often works directly with the client to help turn their vision into reality. Often this involves making samples for review and approval.

Trim Carpentary - The PCM Way

Because the trim carpentry is seen by the client, there is no room for mistakes! PCM pays attention to the little things so that the finished product is detailed to minimize cracking, joints are properly filled, etc.  PCM sets the bar high and demands the best from the trim carpentry supplier. By establishing a good project plan, the supplier can have all the supplies on-site and conditioned in advance...just another little detail that consistently ensures that the client’s expectations are exceeded!

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