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Luxurious Kitchen
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Paulo Medeiros

Cabinets: Owner of PM Fine Cabinetry Inc.

About Paulo

Paulo has been in the cabinetry business for 22 years; he started PM Fine Cabinetry 6 years ago and has worked with PCM since then. With decades of experience, Paulo and his team design cabinetry that captures the client’s wishes using state-of-the-art computerized design. The result is creative and beautiful cabinetry that can be found in just about every room of the home: kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, wine cellars, wall units, bars, etc.



Paulo is dedicated to delivering the best cabinets using only the highest quality hardwoods and materials. Durability and long-term performance are critical for PM Fine Cabinetry which is why hardwoods are generally used. Customer service and respect for all clients means Paulo and his team are trusted partners during all stages of the construction – from initial design to after care.

Cabinets - The PCM Way

At PCM, we know that cabinets are personal and often take considerable time to select with the client. Our cabinet supplier works closely with the client and typically prepares samples for client review and approval prior to start the manufacture. Because the timeline is critical, selecting the cabinets requires close attention, especially when ensuring that the cabinetry works with all the appliances and countertops. For example, after the appliances are installed, the cabinetry is fine tuned and adjusted to ensure everything works properly.

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