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Rob Morgan

Window & Door Consultant

About Rob

Rob brings 8 years of experience in sales and business development as a door and window consultant, with 4 years working with PCM directly. Rob acts as a broker between the builder, client and architect to ensure all parties are getting what they need.



Rob has earned the trust of PCM to work with clients directly to source windows and doors on PCM projects. Often this means coming up with innovative solutions as Rob works to make a client’s dream become a reality – while staying within the set budget and timeline. Attention to detail and customer service are hallmarks of Rob’s interactions as he liaises between PCM, client and architect.

Window & Door Consulting - The PCM Way

For PCM, windows and doors are critical components and therefore need to receive the attention they deserve – and they do thanks to the support of Rob and his consulting business. Specifying, sourcing and then detailing the ‘right’ door and window takes time and energy – especially if there are unique requests or the client is unsure of exactly what details they want. Because PCM is committed to customer satisfaction and energy efficiency, Rob can offer the level of support – up front – so that the client will be extremely happy with the end product.  

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