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Tony Hall

Video Marketing: Owner at See My Clients

About Tony

Tony is co-owner of See My Clients, a video production company focused on capturing and advertising authentic client experiences. Together with his wife Julie Hall, they form a perfect partnership. With a strong background in radio and TV, Julie brings a dynamic contribution to the team. Tony has been producing videos most of his life. After he built his first camera out of cardboard at the age of 10, he fell in love with the art of communication through film and media production. Tony & Julie launched See My Clients in 2007 and have enjoyed working with PCM in telling their story through digital media.  



Tony’s specialty is creating  professional and high-quality videos that effectively attract the attention and engagement of the target audience. At PCM, these videos range from capturing client’s testimonials on their dealings with PCM to documenting the progress of a specific build from design to client move-in. Tony’s relaxed and engaging questions creates a welcoming and friendly environment and the honesty shines through.

Video Marketing - The PCM Way

At PCM, we underscore everything by video and still photos – from capturing client’s testimonials, documenting the progress of the build or just preparing short marketing videos. Professionally-produced, the completed, inventively creative videos are then made available on the PCM website – and some of the profiled suppliers also link to them. The videos grab attention and have become an integral component of PCM’s marketing presence. PCM subscribes to the viewpoint that an effective sales strategy is to let a satisfied PCM client’s testimonial help close the sale.


Many of the still photos and videos are found in The PCM Way,  a professionally-produced book / video that clearly  illustrates the PCM process of custom home building.

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