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Abstract Glass Building
Vasco Torrete

Principal, DRAFT-IN Projects and Construction Ltd,

About Vasco

Vasco is one of those fortunate people who found his career passion early in life. Starting in 1995 as an architectural technician in a small office in Portugal, Vasco then went on to get this undergraduate and Master’s degree in architecture in Portugal. Along his professional career path, Vasco has also been awarded some prestigious study scholarships in The Netherlands and Italy which has informed his architectural designs and commitment to urbanism. A self-declared life-long learner, Vasco continues to develop his trade by participating in international architectural competitions.

Today, Vasco is the architectural partner in DRAFT-IN, with a focus in urbanism, architecture, engineering, construction and consultancy.  The firm is actively involved in a global portfolio of residential, commercial and municipal projects. 



As Vasco says, ‘I believe in a contextual, organic architecture - architecture that depends on the circumstances of the place and the present reality.’  Vasco’s designs maintain their meaning over time – a melding of classical elements, today’s materials and construction techniques and tomorrow’s vision. 

Vasco’s designs effectively merge the wants of the client (size, form, budget, etc.) and what the site requires (location, weather, context, etc.) several sketch iterations later.  It is this award-winning approach that brings Vasco to Canada to design exceptional properties – from laneway to larger custom homes.

Architecture – Carriage Homes by

Vasco has a unique signature style: timeless and international and we are thrilled to introduce Vasco’s designs to Canada. For, Vasco will turn his talents to designing a portfolio of modern, light-filled, legal laneway rental homes for our Carriage Homes launching in the GTA. This portfolio of designs lets us best match the site with the ‘right’ design with ‘ready-to-go’ plans. In time, these compact, energy-efficient laneway homes will be welcoming beacons of light on laneways across the city of Toronto.

Carriage Homes leverages PCM’s 20 plus years of experience building custom luxury homes and high-rise affordable rental buildings to fill a need for high-quality, rental homes with legal laneway suites.   

Having an architect with European flair is just what we need in Toronto with our emerging legal laneway housing. Welcoming Vasco Torrete designs to Canada!

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